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When his career began 30-some years ago, Liam Neeson was never a … [More]

Non-Stop's Liam Neeson demands air passengers put hands up

’300: Rise of an Empire’

It’s Greeks versus Persians, round number two, in “300: Rise of an … [More]

300's Rodrigo Santoro emerges from pool as god-king Xeres

‘Muppets Most Wanted’

The Muppets go on a European tour in “Muppets Most Wanted” but from … [More]

Muppets line up for chorus

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

It’s now clear there are smart and sassy Marvel Studios films that … [More]

Marvel's Captain America battles Winter Soldier in the sky

‘Only Lovers Left Alive’

There is something hypnotically inviting about Jim Jarmusch’s … [More]

Only Lovers Left Alive's Tilda Swinton embracers Tom Hiddleston

Foreign Films

Nymphomaniac's Charlotte Gainsbourg gets naked between two robust men

‘Nymphomaniac Volume 2′

After seeing “Nymphomaniac Volume 2,” the second and final film in Lars von Trier’s four-hour epic journey into degrading sex by a female addict, one is tempted toward flippancy. Like saying this kind of thing could give sex a bad name. But … [More ... ]

Nymphomaniac's Stacy Martin and Shia LaBeouf meet without clothes

‘Nymphomaniac Volume 1′

Consider this a half-time report. As the art-house world is aware, sensation-seeking auteur Lars von Trier is bringing forth a two-part, four-hour sexual epic about a young woman’s joyless trek through eroticism wherever she can find it. … [More ... ]

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Action Films

Raid 2's Iko Uwais fights villain with claw daggers

‘The Raid 2′

The thrill is gone in “The Raid 2.” Welsh-born writer-director Gareth Evans’ original Indonesian martial-arts flick, “The Raid: Redemption” (2011), had preposterous fight sequences and body counts but what charmed you — if that’s the right … [More ... ]

Divergent's Maggie Q gives drug injection to supine Shailene Woodley


The YA multi-pic dystopia movie series based on a YA multi-book dystopia bestseller reaches a nadir of sorts with “Divergent,” the kick-off film for yet another such series. Yes, the movie could’ve been worse, nevertheless it does look like a … [More ... ]

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Donald Rumsfeld stares into movie's camera

‘The Unknown Known’

Errol Morris' "interrotron" — his famous device for filming interview subjects by letting the camera gaze directly into the subject's eyes — produced incisive, even devastating results in his 2003 "The Fog of War." In that documentary, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara sat for a thorough examination by Morris into his role in the … [More ... ]

Jude Law's Dom Hemingway walks London street

‘Dom Hemingway’

In movies you’ve got to take care with larger-than-life characters. For if you don’t, they will fill up the whole damn screen, letting no light in or out, eclipsing all other life forms. Which is exactly what happens in Richard Shepard’s “Dom Hemingway.” Its eponymous character, played with Homeric bigness by Jude Law, is determined to dominate … [More ... ]

Need for Speed's Mustang races down road

‘Need for Speed’

“Need for Speed” is not a movie so much as an infomercial for the car racing video-game franchise of the same name. So don’t go expecting such niceties a plot, character or substance. If you go expecting car chases, crashes, flips, explosions and angry cops, then you’ll leave happy. If you design an entire movie around stunts demanded by a … [More ... ]

Enemy's Jake Gyllenhaal looks right


It’s an old, old story but what works on the page does not necessarily translate to the screen. The latest illustration is Denis Villeneuve’s “Enemy.” The French-Canadian director (“Incendies”) uses every cinematic trick he can think of, but a psycho-sexual story coming from a novel will not yield to the movie. The story is based on a 2004 novel … [More ... ]

Face of Love's Annette Bening gazes off camera

‘The Face of Love’

What the hell, if you’re going to ape what many think ranks among the greatest movies ever made, then go for it. What’s with a namby-pamby, tentative drama when what you should aim for is a whopper of a sexual-psychological thriller? I’m speaking of Alfred Hitchcock’s great “Vertigo” but unfortunately in the context of a prosaic romantic drama … [More ... ]